Asian Biological Research Foundation (ABRF)

The ABRF is a self supporting, academic and research associated body. It is basically non-profit and Non-Government Organization (Registration No.382) with following aims and objectives:

  1. To provide a common platform for scientists associated with biological sciences to interact with one another for mutual benefit and to enhance the innovative knowledge on the subjects.

  2. To provide an opportunity among the Biologists to share the Academic, Research, and other related vistas and experiences.

  3. To encourage, facilitate and perform the activities related to conservation of water, nature and biodiversity.

  4. To promote and motivate the cleanliness, good health, nutrition, human values to achieve the inclusive and sustainable development of rural and urban societies.

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Udaipur International Conference (CTFS 2020)

Dates: 2nd & 3rd May, 2020
Theme: Climate Change and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Food Security
Organized by: Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology (MPUAT), Udaipur
In Association with: Asian Biological Research Foundation (ABRF) Prayagraj. NOTE: Currently postponed

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